Writing Promotional Copy

When selling a product or service, here is the one question you must answer for your visitor every time. So? Leading to the comment “Ah, (I get it)”. A simple two letter word with huge implications. When you properly answer the question “So?” you will be appealing to your visitor's emotions, not their logic. You will be promoting your product or service's benefits, not the features, and that is what moves product in a big way.


How To Flirt With Women- Easy 75% Commissions!

tablet contains 5 industry patented ingredients engineered for pain relief” So? “You are pain free in 10 minutes.” Ah.

“Our dishwasher offers state of the art noise reduction.” So?
“You can watch TV while it is running without having to turn up the volume.” Ah.

“Our expert team of designers create high quality PowerPoint shows for you.” So?
“Farming out the project to us will guarantee you stand out from your colleagues at the next sales meeting.” Ah.

Remember, people aren't looking for drills, they're looking for perfect holes. Sell them on their emotions first. Benefits sell, features justify the decision.