The Power of Viral Videos

What makes a video go viral? There is no set formula, but there are usually certain characteristics that seem to be common to most of the popular videos. I’m eliminating stupid pet tricks, and skateboard accidents, and focusing on the corporate, commercial brand of videos. First rule of viral videos – you cannot force a video to take off, it simply happens on it’s own. People must see the video, like what they see, and tell their friends about it. One recent video that has great success is titled “Pink Glove Dance”. It is a wonderfully produced video promoting breast cancer awareness.

So, why did this video generate 6.8 million plus views? That’s right, 6.8 million views!

First, it is fun to watch. It’s everyday people having fun, and for some, looking very uncomfortable attempting to dance, but “performing” for a good cause. The video will have your head nodding to the music in your chair as you watch. It’s soft sell, there is no corporate spokesperson begging for money, there is a simple title at the beginning, and a quick  graphic at the end. Lastly, the “scenes” have obviously been story boarded and filmed by someone who planned out and composed each shot in his/her mind, if not with a paper storyboard, at least with some sort of script for the actors to follow. It is a fun video to watch, and you will want to immediately want to share with your friends. You can never forcefully make a viral video, but if you follow the guidelines of this video, you will have much better chance of getting your message out to a huge audience. Pink Glove Dance