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Tips and suggestions to help you create great looking PowerPoint on your own.

Cattails releases its first iPhone application, Top 20 Sights – Toronto

Cattails has just released its first iOS app for the iphone/ipod touch and iPad. Top 20 Sights – Toronto highlights the best attractions Toronto has to offer. This free app offers pictures of each location as well as short descriptions … Continue reading

How to create your PowerPoint presentation from scratch

This may sound counterintuitive, but the very best way to create and structure your presentation is to start with a paper outline or storyboard. The first step is to create a preliminary layout of what you want to say. Think of … Continue reading

PowerPoint 101

Many times we have clients come to us with existing PowerPoint decks, and ask us to pretty them up, “make them sizzle”. We are happy to do so, but when we present our suggestions to them, they are usually shocked to … Continue reading