Bruce Sellery Harnessing Personal Accountability for Extraordinary Results
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The uncertainty in the global economy can be a huge distraction for organizations and their employees. In this climate, there is a real need for people to focus on what is within their ability to control: that is, the quality of the work that they do each and every day.

Bruce Sellery shows people how to foster personal accountability in their work environment, broadening their sense of what they can control. This delivers results for the organization and a sense of peace and well-being for staff.

An experienced business journalist with CTV’s Business News Network, Bruce has interviewed thousands of CEO's, thought leaders and business analysts. He combines this big picture perspective with his practical understanding from the corporate world, specifically Procter & Gamble, where he began his career.

Bruce has seen time and again how personal accountability brings forth high-performance individuals who produce extraordinary results naturally. It also acts as the catalyst for teams to get clear on the task at hand and work as one. Taking action. Meeting challenges. Adapting quickly to change.

Even in a brutal business environment, there will be winners. The personal accountability message can improve the likelihood that you will be among them.


"Bruce Sellery’s forte is "Personal Accountability". He was very effective in getting his message across, so much so that we were able to see a big change in attitude first thing on the Monday morning following our weekend conference."
Kevin F Fitzgerald,
Managing Director
Scotia Capital

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