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Cattails Multimedia launches

Cattails is pleased to have developed a new Canadian automobile website dedicated to minivans. It is a one stop shop that helps prospective minivan customers make the right choice for them. With all Canadian content and unbiased opinions we feel it is the best site of its kind. Check it out a Let us know how you like it!

Clarontech’s Website Gets A Redesign

We recently completed a total redesign of Claron Technologies Inc. Clarontech was founded in 2001 and is a company dedicated to the development of OEM medical image processing solutions. Clarontech has been recognized by Profit Magazine as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

When Doron came to us, he wanted a fresh new look. He wanted the site to display what the business is about and cater to the target audience. We were able to do this with the use of visuals and innovative design. We built the site so that it is easy to navigate and all major projects supported by the company are accessible by one click throughout the site.

Some great features are Clarontech’s interactive software that has been integrated on the monitor which can be seen on the homepage. You can zoom, rotate, spin, as well as show different levels of depth in the human anatomy with this application. Another great feature is that the website is fully scalable. Do you have a large monitor? No problem, you can view the site flawlessly on any screen.

Due to advancements in mobile technology, we need to consider building websites for mobile phones. This was one of Doron’s requirements in the site redesign as well. With this in mind, we have built Clarontech’s new website to be mobile friendly and is fully accessible on mobile devices. The site will also dynamically render a mobile friendly design when viewed on your hand held device.

Contact us today to see how we can convert your website to a mobile friendly website.

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Cattails Multimedia has moved!

Just a quick note that we have moved our offices to the following address.
Our phone number remains the same 416.621.7443

118 Stapleton Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M9R 3A8

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Cattails releases its first iPhone application, Top 20 Sights – Toronto

Cattails has just released its first iOS app for the iphone/ipod touch and iPad.

Top 20 Sights – Toronto highlights the best attractions Toronto has to offer. This free app offers pictures of each location as well as short descriptions in a fun, easy to navigate tool. We created all the content for the app including the writing, photography and programming. You can get a full description and download by clicking here.

Special thanks to Allan for making the app a reality. It has been quite the learning curve.

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Help the Search Engines Find You

To do this, you must make sure you have appropriate keywords in the title on your home page. The page should be constructed to attract search phrases your potential customer might use. These phrases should also be worked in to your promotional copy to get the search engines’ attention, yet at the same time make sense to a visitor. Continue reading →

Get More Traffic to Your site

Here is one quick, but efficient strategy that you can implement quickly, and at minimal cost, as a matter of fact, it will only cost you your time to get more of traffic to your site right now!

Write articles of interest for your industry. This is an amazingly effective tool for driving traffic. Well-written, information rich articles can bring a lot of eyeballs to your web site.

Don’t forget to add your contact information, including your URL and email address to your byline.

Articles should be approximately 500 words in length. These directories are continually searched by bloggers, and web masters who are always on the lookout for additional well written, non promotional material to add to their, or their client’s web sites.
The process is that they can copy and paste your article to their site, or blog, with certain rules.

  1. They must post the article exactly as written, no editing allowed.
  2. They must include your contact info at the end of the article. They are not allowed to imply that they wrote the piece themselves.

This not only generates back links to your site, but if your article becomes popular, and goes viral, it can ramp up traffic to your site quite effectively.

Just make sure your content is well written, and full of useful information. Do not attempt to sell yourself or promote your company in the article. Doing so will guarantee no one will use it. Simply add a tag line, author’s bio and link to your site in the closing paragraph.

One of the best places to start is here:

If you need any help in getting the creative juices flowing, call or email me, and we would be happy to help.

How to create your PowerPoint presentation from scratch

This may sound counterintuitive, but the very best way to create and structure your presentation is to start with a paper outline or storyboard.

The first step is to create a preliminary layout of what you want to say. Think of your slides as chapters in a book. First, create your Book Title, which will be the theme of your presentation. Continue reading →

The Power of Viral Videos

What makes a video go viral? There is no set formula, but there are usually certain characteristics that seem to be common to most of the popular videos. I’m eliminating stupid pet tricks, and skateboard accidents, and focusing on the corporate, commercial brand of videos. First rule of viral videos – you cannot force a video to take off, it simply happens on it’s own. People must see the video, like what they see, and tell their friends about it. One recent video that has great success is titled “Pink Glove Dance”. It is a wonderfully produced video promoting breast cancer awareness. Continue reading →

LCBO Go Canada! Carousel

Click above to visit

As the Vancouver Winter Olympics are finally here, we are thrilled to have done our small part in helping the LCBO with their Go Canada! promotion currently running on their Website.

Cattails was honoured to create LCBO’s animated product carousel system that can be seen at For the techies out there, it’s main features include dynamic image and database loading, automated animations and interactive controls. Continue reading →

Writing Promotional Copy

When selling a product or service, here is the one question you must answer for your visitor every time. So? Leading to the comment “Ah, (I get it)”. A simple two letter word with huge implications. When you properly answer the question “So?” you will be appealing to your visitor's emotions, not their logic. You will be promoting your product or service's benefits, not the features, and that is what moves product in a big way. Continue reading →

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